drug card

The only factor that has led to the undisturbed growth of the marijuana industry is its medicinal values. This has not only led to the legalization of cannabis in 32 states of America, but also have encouraged patients suffering from painful ailment to seek resort to this natural and cost-effective drug. Thus, to make marijuana more obtainable to its customers, the dispensaries selling both the recreational and medical variety have formulated medical marijuana cards that make the procedure of purchasing and growing awareness of marijuana ardently simple. From the innumerable benefits of the drug card, we have narrowed it down to five.

  • Generous saving

If you are a regular user of medicinal marijuana you will be aware of the amount that you end up spending each month for its purchase. During the initial stages this might not seem like a huge concern, but with the gradual passage of time and considering the hike of medical expenses, acquiring marijuana can seem like a huge expenditure. In order to steer away from a scenario like this, getting enrolled for a medical marijuana card is inevitable for a patient. Moreover, the taxes that are being attached to the recreational marijuana are higher than medicinal marijuana, thus making it a must to own a card.

  • Better quality
drug card

Possessing a medical marijuana card is an evidence that you are a regular and certified user of cannabis. When there is a rush at the dispensaries, more often than not, in a sense of hurry, the owners tend to handover some stuff that doesn’t reach the bar of premium quality. But when you hand out your drug card they realize that you are in serious need of the medical marijuana and thus should be furnished with cannabis that are of a better quality when compared to the recreational stuff.

  • Quicker access

When one is dealing with a sensitive product like medical marijuana, the quality should always be prioritized over quantity. An interesting pointer here would be that the dispensaries selling medical marijuana are less crowded when compared to the ones that offer the recreational variety. This means that apart from making your purchase inexorably fast, with the drug card you will be allowed to take your own time and select the kind of marijuana you came looking for and then have an opportunity to stand ahead in the line beside the billing counter for a quicker access.

  • Additional quantity
drug card

The limitations imposed on the dosage and quantity while buying medical marijuana is quite distinct from the recreational kind. In case of the latter, you will have specified grams of marijuana that can be purchased at one go; but for the former and especially for people who own a drug card, the quantity will not stand out as a hindrance. The medical dispensaries have been granted the permission to sell up to hundreds and even thousand mgs of THC infused marijuana to people who are in genuine need. Furthermore, with the drug cards as already mentioned before, the quality of the medical marijuana will not be compromised and be at par with the previous purchases.

  • Rewards

Like any other loyalty program that allows its customer to have access to certain incentives and rewards in form of credit, the marijuana dispensaries too offer such stimulants as soon as they sign up for the medical marijuana card. Owning a drug card is the consumer’s way of assuring the dispensary that he will be its fixed customer and make all his future purchases with the same joint, and in return, the provider will then permit a bunch of indictments that can be capitalized on during the next visit.