Finding ways to save up on prescriptions might be one of the best decisions you make in your life right now. Our prescriptions are important to us and cannot be ignored as sometimes we literally need them to survive. Finding ways to get cheaper drugs can take the load off of you especially if you have to regularly take your drugs and alternatives such as drug discount cards are in place to help you. But while the affordable care act basically forces your insurance to cover all prescriptions, it is still quite hard to get cheaper prescriptions. Drugs are expensive and depending on your location and pharmacist can begin to take a considerable chunk out of your income. There are however a few ways you can get around the expensive but necessary drugs problem and save up your money.

Prescription Drugs Coupons

Believe it or not prescription drug coupons are available and waiting for use. Discount stores and pharmacies create coupons that offer discounts which you can look out for. These major companies send emails, flier and coupons and also have drug discount cards, and taking time out to search for them would really be worth it. You could also make use of websites like,, OTC plus, Prescription savers, to compare prices of drugs in pharmacies around you.

Sample It

Another unbelievably easy way to save money on your prescriptions is to test it before making a commitment. You can easily request for 10-14 day drug trials from your doctor. Companies also offer up to 30-day trials for drugs and you can begin a free trial, this is especially useful for patients seeking to buy a particular drug in bulk as you can test it and find out your body’s reaction to it. The information needed to begin or find for these trials can easily be gotten through fliers and coupons.

Go for the Common

If you cannot afford big name brands and companies you can always opt for generic drugs. Generic drugs are cheaper than their popular counterparts offering about an 80-85% cost difference between the two. Most drug prescriptions today are filled for generic drugs seeing as they are little more than the cheaper biochemical equivalent of big names. And if you use a drug discount card to make your purchase it gets even cheaper. Another good news is that the patents of most popular drugs are soon to expire leaving the field open for the creation of cheaper alternatives.

Look to the Government

Fortunately, birth control for women is now free under the affordable care act, states also offer help to eligible seniors to help them close the gap and can also help find treatments for people in need regardless of age.

Split it up

A great way to save cash on pills is to split drugs with higher dosages. Ask your doctor if prescriptions have a higher dosage that can be safe to split up as not all pills are safe for splitting (time release capsules, coated capsules). Doing this will save you a lot of money in the long run especially if you use a drug discount card. Pharmacies also sell nifty devices that help with pill splitting.

Mail Order Pills

If you’re going to be using your drugs for a long time you could easily just order in bulk. Now you have to beware of shady drug dealers on the internet and only go for services accredited by the National Association of boards of pharmacy. Accredited dealers have the required licenses and obey inspection laws coupled with patent privacy and quality assurance standards. These dealers should have a VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) seal on their sites.

Get Assistance

You can gain help in saving for your prescriptions by looking towards pharmaceutical companies and nonprofit organizations. Initiatives like the partnership for prescription assistance are free and offer information on assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies.

Go Wholesale

Wholesale clubs like Costco and Sam’s club actually offer drugs discounts cards and in some instances, you don’t even have to be a member to qualify. Drug discount cards from these wholesalers can give you up to 40% discount and is one best options for people without insurance.

Strike a Local Bargain

Your local pharmacies just might be willing to offer you loyalty discounts. You can inquire about possible bargains and offers available especially if you’re a regular customer. Offers such as drug discount cards have helped a lot of money save money on drugs.

Taking your prescriptions religiously can be the path towards wellness, so it pays you better to take it now than to end up paying more for a worse problem. If you’re finding it hard to pay for your prescription you can use the tips above to find the best option for your health problems.