CBD products or products manufactured from CBD/Cannabidiol, a form of cannabis is becoming widely popular these days. Many people have been extremely benefited by CBD products. Both human beings and animals are largely affected by CBD for the better. It, on one hand, affects the perception of pain and thus reduces pain, and on the other hand, it soothes anxiety and stress. CBD products are high on demand now.

Hence, the price of the products must be on rise as well. But, there are many generous CBD oil sellers that give Rx discount to patients who are chronically suffering or in a dire need of the oil. They often give CBD discount to people who cannot afford it, although they need it for medical conditions. Read below to know about some of the best CBD oil assistance programs.

NuLeaf Naturals
Nulead Naturals provide the military veterans, people living below the federal poverty level, people with disability and people who are in need with 30% discount on their CBD products. In order to get the assistance, one must send them e-mails with the authentic documents of medical prescriptions to get Rx discount, proof of military veteran identity, proof of below poverty level living etc.

Lazarus Naturals
If you are a military veteran, or is suffering from some kind of disability for a long time, Lazarus will offer you a special 60% CBD discount. It is one of the most popular stores that sell CBD products at a low price. In order to receive the extra 60% percent CBD discount facility, you will have to create an account with Lazarus naturals and send them proof of your identity as a medical veteran. If you provide them with proof that you are below the poverty level, you shall also get a 60 percent discount.

CBD American Shaman
This company provides the chronically ill patients with Rx discount, however with terms and conditions. Only if you buy from them products worth 34.99 dollars or above that, then you shall enjoy the discount. You must sign into their website and fill out an application detailing your medical condition.

CBDistillery is also generous towards the military veterans. They provide the old military veterans suffering from PTSD or other physical pains with CBD oil with a ten percent discount. If you are a military veteran and are in need of CBD oil, you may mail to them with proofs of your identity and collect the discount token. If you show the discount during purchase, you will be given the discount.


This company gives military veterans 25% discount on CBD products. All you have to do is to sign into their website, fill out an application form and upload all the proof documents of your military identity. After verification of the documents, you will be given the special discount.

Seeing the popularity of these oils among ex-military persons, the companies offer such generous amounts of discount; however, their generosity extends to people with disability as well.