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Reasons to get your medical marijuana card

drug card

The only factor that has led to the undisturbed growth of the marijuana industry is its medicinal values. This has not only led to the legalization of cannabis in 32 states of America, but also have encouraged patients suffering from painful ailment to seek resort to this natural and cost-effective drug. Thus, to make marijuana more obtainable to its customers, the dispensaries selling both the recreational and medical variety have formulated medical marijuana cards that make the procedure of purchasing and growing awareness of marijuana ardently simple. From the innumerable benefits of the drug card, we have narrowed it down to five.

  • Generous saving

If you are a regular user of medicinal marijuana you will be aware of the amount that you end up spending each month for its purchase. During the initial stages this might not seem like a huge concern, but with the gradual passage of time and considering the hike of medical expenses, acquiring marijuana can seem like a huge expenditure. In order to steer away from a scenario like this, getting enrolled for a medical marijuana card is inevitable for a patient. Moreover, the taxes that are being attached to the recreational marijuana are higher than medicinal marijuana, thus making it a must to own a card.

  • Better quality
drug card

Possessing a medical marijuana card is an evidence that you are a regular and certified user of cannabis. When there is a rush at the dispensaries, more often than not, in a sense of hurry, the owners tend to handover some stuff that doesn’t reach the bar of premium quality. But when you hand out your drug card they realize that you are in serious need of the medical marijuana and thus should be furnished with cannabis that are of a better quality when compared to the recreational stuff.

  • Quicker access

When one is dealing with a sensitive product like medical marijuana, the quality should always be prioritized over quantity. An interesting pointer here would be that the dispensaries selling medical marijuana are less crowded when compared to the ones that offer the recreational variety. This means that apart from making your purchase inexorably fast, with the drug card you will be allowed to take your own time and select the kind of marijuana you came looking for and then have an opportunity to stand ahead in the line beside the billing counter for a quicker access.

  • Additional quantity
drug card

The limitations imposed on the dosage and quantity while buying medical marijuana is quite distinct from the recreational kind. In case of the latter, you will have specified grams of marijuana that can be purchased at one go; but for the former and especially for people who own a drug card, the quantity will not stand out as a hindrance. The medical dispensaries have been granted the permission to sell up to hundreds and even thousand mgs of THC infused marijuana to people who are in genuine need. Furthermore, with the drug cards as already mentioned before, the quality of the medical marijuana will not be compromised and be at par with the previous purchases.

  • Rewards

Like any other loyalty program that allows its customer to have access to certain incentives and rewards in form of credit, the marijuana dispensaries too offer such stimulants as soon as they sign up for the medical marijuana card. Owning a drug card is the consumer’s way of assuring the dispensary that he will be its fixed customer and make all his future purchases with the same joint, and in return, the provider will then permit a bunch of indictments that can be capitalized on during the next visit.


prescription discount card

Singlecare as an online company issues prescription discount cards for free to be downloaded by the customer. A crucial pointer about the company before we get into a detailed analysis of their services is that they are far different from an insurance company that fully or partly covers your monthly medical bills at the pharmacy, instead, Singlecare only offers a certain degree of reduction on the retail. Thereby, Singlecare, along with offering medicines at reduced prices to its users, also provides them with a platform to compare the costs of the medicines without any restriction or added charges.

Singlecare works as the only negotiator between the trader and manufacturer to reduce the original prices of the medicines, thus offering the prescribed therapies at generous discounts. The company, over the last few years, have partnered with more than 35,000 pharmacies like Longs Drugs, Walmart, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens and other popular names situated around the nation and allowing up to 80% discounts on around 50,000 drugs. Moreover, Singlecare covers both generic medicines and the drugs ensued by bigger brands that include Latuda, Focalin XR, Viagra, Vyvanse, Faxinga, Eliquis and many more. The above-mentioned medicines when purchased every month can appear costly and thus the RX discounts will be useful to cut down on these expenses.

prescription discount card

If you are willing to find out the price of a drug mentioned on your prescription or if a certain pharmacy accepts the RX discounts or not, you can check it on their official page. Furthermore, once you reach the pharmacy counter to pay your bill, the pharmacist will simply check the BIN and PCN number to obtain your card details with the accompanying records. Before plunging into the decision of capitalizing on the services provided by the Singlecare prescription discount card, a wise choice for you would be to conduct a proper research based on the distinct prices offered at different pharmacies because there have been a lot of instances where the users claimed the retail offered by a few stores were already lower than the final price of the drugs that was arrived at after the discount at the other dealers.

prescription discount card

The price of a medicine and the rate of discount levied on it depend on a certain bunch of factors that keep fluctuating in harmony with the market conditions. Not every day the price of a medicine will be the same at the store you checked earlier, or not every time a pharmacy offering you the highest rates for drugs will keep selling on their standard margin. To utilize the benefits wisely and conclude the best buy, Singlecare will assist you through the process with its simplified user interface. Once you feed in the details of the medicines mentioned in your prescription, they will produce a list with the prices of these drugs available at a few distinct stores near you so that you pay the cheapest retail. Additionally, on furnishing the prescription discount card, you will have access to greater RX discounts on the retail.

How do prescription discount cards work

prescription discount card

The increase in life expectancy rate and improvement of medical conditions around the country have led people to completely depend on prescription medicines and the fact that the pharmaceutical industry was worth $1,112 in the year 2016 and is expected to grow at a rate of 6.3% in the coming years is proof enough. There are a lot of citizens in America whose family relies on wellbeing by taking the course to regular medicines, some of which end up burning a hole in the pocket. Had this been the affair for a single month, the expenditure wouldn’t have been a concern; but, when they add up, the aggregate is frightening. But there is a way to cut down a considerable portion of these bills and that is by using prescription discount cards which slashes the cost of both the branded and common medicines.

The prescription discount cards can be downloaded for free and then used at a pharmaceutical store that has participated in the card’s discount policies along with several others. Once you have curated all the medicines in your basket, on showing the discount card to the pharmacist, the bill will be automatically reduced. Before you choose a specific card for your use, it would be wise to explore the discount prescription card reviews so that you form a well-informed idea of the scope of performance of each card and the clauses accompanying them.

prescription discount card

In case you are wondering how reliable and useful these prescription discount cards are, then here is the answer for you. The companies that generate these discount cards are linked with a Pharmacy Benefit Manager who performs the role of a mediator between the customer and the pharmaceutical company. After a certain degree of negotiation, both of them settle at a common price that is quite lower than the original prices of the medicines. This price then is presented to the customer in the form of discounts on producing the card. Apart from a few basic terms and conditions, you will learn from the experiences related to the discount prescription card reviews that there is no limit of income, age, health or geographical location to capitalize on its benefits.

prescription discount card

The rate of discounts offered through the prescription discount card varies from company to company. Some brands of medicine offer up to 70% discount, while the others whose retail prices themselves steer towards the higher degree can offer up to a 20-30% discount. Therefore, to avoid any confusion and gain enough clarity on this subject you can check the ratings and discount prescription card reviews. A notable pointer, in this case, is that if the retail price offered by the pharmacy is already lower than the discounted price through the card, the final amount claimed will be the lowest one.

Furthermore, if you have your insurances covering your monthly medical bills, in this case, the prescription discount cards cannot be combined with them to receive a further lower price; either of the two will be useful. Thereby, when such a scenario arises, before paying the bill, you can compare the reduction offered by the insurance and discount cards so that you can pay through the one that narrows down to the lowest.

Discount cards offer wildly differing prices on prescription drugs

cash saver

With the increase in the number of Americans relying on prescription drugs to improve their health conditions, there are a lot of companies in the market gaining popularity by generating prescription discount cards that have tied up with several pharmaceutical companies to offer generous discounts on both generic and branded medicines, directed to relieve the patients of a heavy medical bill at the end of each month. These discount cards are available for downloads and once they are produced before the pharmacist, the final price that the customer has to pay is much lower than the retail.

cash saver

The prescription discount cards might seem like a wise form of cash saver, but in reality, if the consumer dives into its usage at pharmacies without conducting thorough research, he might end up paying a price that is higher when compared to a different store. Consumers, who do not have medical insurance to cover their monthly bills, assume the discount cards to be their only cash saver. But there have been a lot of cases reported where the price offered at one pharma after 20-30% of discount was much more than the one offered at a different place. For instance, if a medicine costs $200 at a supermarket even after adding the discount, places like Walgreens or Kroger would have served it at around $70-75. The disparity in price offered to a customer arises from the fact that the medical sector manufacturing and distributing pills is no longer stagnant; just like the other industries, its primary aim is towards voluminous growth and wherever it finds an opportunity to draw more money from the consumers, it nev
er fails to capitalize.

cash saver

The prescription discount cards function as a mediator between the dealer and the manufacturer of the medicines; with the implication of their varied policies, they form a negotiation about the price at which the manufacturers can afford to sell their products keeping their profit margin intact. After a common ground of pricing is reached which is lower than the initial rate, the customer is offered the medicines at the same decreased amount known as a discount. According to producers and market analysts, there are hundreds of reasons that are responsible for deciding the final price of the medicines; one of them is the everyday fluctuating market value and the second is the distinct company policies. First of all there are is a variable array of composition meant to serve the same illness, and secondly, there are so many different companies engaged in their production; not all of them use the same quality and quantity of compounds because of which the price swing occurs in the first case.

cash saver

Moreover, most of the discount cards claim that they will be offering discounts “up to” say 60%, but when you physically use it for a transaction you can end up purchasing the medicines at deduction ranging from anywhere between 1%-60% depending on the terms and conditions of the company. Also, some prescription discount cards will deduct a transaction fee at the end of your purchase thus making these cards not completely free and cash saver because you are bound to pay some extra in this way or the other.

7 Plants that Benefit Health

Before the invention of synthetically made drugs, medicinal plants were the only forms of healing and treatment for the ill and injured. Till date, Ayurveda is still an effective form of treatment which uses medicinal plants as the means of treatment. There hundreds of medicinal plants that can be found all around the world. Seven most popular of them are listed below-

  1. Ginger– Apart from the rich taste it serves when paired with garlic in your food, ginger has several health benefits too. It is best known for its anti-bacterial and anti-nausea, but its lesser-known benefits are that it also has anti-viral, anti-oxidant and anti-parasitic properties. Ginger is highly used in Indian household for the treatment of cold and cough. It is usually boiled with tea or water and is consumed, relieving the throat and nose of the cold. Along with these, ginger is also used as pain-reliever, shows cancer-fighting signs, and is good for the liver.
  2. Peppermint– Peppermint has properties which benefit the respiratory system such as treatment for cold, cough and acts as prevention factor for other serious respiratory problems, along with freshening of your breath. Apart from this, peppermint also helps free the muscles of intestines and help pass gas freely, preventing acidity and abdominal pain.
  3. Chamomile– Chamomile is taken in the form of tea, popularly. It helps relieve upset stomach and also helps get a good night’s sleep. Its lesser known benefits are it also can treat swelling on the skin, anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic, muscle relaxant and has sedative properties.
  4. Dandelion– Traditionally used as liver tonic, the flower plant is useful for detoxication, and can be used to treat liver and kidney disorders. It also has the power to reduce the side-effects of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs and can treat infections, gall bladder disorders.
  5. Marijuana– A highly controversial plant, also abused as a drug, marijuana has surprisingly a lot of health benefits. The two components THC and CBD help resolve mental illness such as schizophrenia, fits, insomnia. It is also proven that it can be used as prevention for cancer.
  6. Neem– Native to the Indian sub-continent, the neem tree and products made from it have several health benefits. It has the potential of being anti-bacterial, treats skin problems like dandruff and acne, improves gastric health, prevents chronic diseases, and detoxifies the body. It also inhibits fungal infection and can be used to treat malaria and chicken pox owing to its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
  7. Tulsi– Also called as the holy basil, the tulsi plant helps treat anti-bacterial diseases, acne, and unbalanced blood sugar and is believed to be a natural remedy for anxiety. It also balances hormones and helps in the reduction of stress. The tulsi plant has anti-cancerous properties and can help prevent it.

Quick tips to remember when Buying Medicines on the Internet

The onset of the e-commerce website business has changed the face of the retail industry in a massive scale. Consumers prefer buying products at the comfort of their home, rather than putting in the hard and extra work of going all the way to a store and buying the required.  Online shopping was first introduced in the early 2000s and has seen a massive increase in the last few years. Online shopping provides the consumers with lesser price and a definite availability of the product. The shopping of medicines through e-commerce websites has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and it can be tricky to figure whom to trust and whom to not trust. So, here are a few quick tips to remember before buying medicines online.

  1. Ensure the website is legit- Medicines are important items and one has to be sure that they are buying the right products and not the wrong ones or knock-offs of the original products. Reading the comments sections of websites can to an extent give a surety if the medicine’s legitimate or not.
  2. Check the legal aspects- Dealing of pharmaceutical medicines for addiction and exploitation purposes has become a huge mafia and is considered as an illegal offence and can result in serious charges or even jail time. Before buying the medicines, make sure you have a valid prescription in hand.
  3. Check the composition of the medicines- Before buying the medicines, check if the required substances are in the medicines. If the composition is a little even by one component, the effect might be completely different and some time can even result in pain and inflammation.
  4. Secure your personal information- Do not give away private information such as credit card numbers, addresses, and other payment information. Some fraud websites might use this information for exploitation and fraud purposes.
  5. The requirement of prescription- When buying medicines online, make sure that the website requires a copy of the prescription and there is an online pharmacist available to guide you through your process of buying the necessary items.
  6. Untrustworthy online doctors- It is highly advised to not trust doctors online, who provide online prescriptions for buying medicines. These online prescriptions from random online doctors are not usually considered valid in drug stores, especially for dangerous medicines which can be addictive and abused.
  7. Online extensions of pharmacies- Big pharmacies these days have given into e-commerce and are setting up online extensions of their stores. When purchasing from these online stores, make sure it is the original store’s site and not a duplicate of the store. A list of these pharmacies that have been set up online can be found on the official website of governments on pharmaceuticals and drugs.

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